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Helpful hints

As a consumer it's not always easy to decipher between good advice and sales tactics. here's a few tips I share with my customers.
(These are suggestions ONLY. It is recommended that you take your vehicle to a  professional windshield repair or replacement facility as soon as possible)
- A stone chip will never totally disappear after repair.  However you should not see any black or shininess in a properly repaired stone chip.

-Thermal shock (sudden change of temperature) is the #1 leading cause of  stone chips spreading.

SUMMER- try to park in the shade if possible until you have your stone chip repaired. DO NOT put cold water on the windshield if it has been sitting in the sun. Also use caution with putting air conditioning on the defroster vent. 
Avoid car wash until repaired

WINTER- Try not to use your windshield defroster unless absolutely necessisary. If you need to use it, set it to medium heat. allow the glass to warm up gradually.
Use high percentage rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to melt ice from teh windshield as opposed to scrapping the windshield.
Avoid car wash until repaired


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